• 10:1 Attenuator for Saleae Logic

    • I’ve found my Saleae Logic analyser to be a fantastic tool to help debug embedded systems. Recently, I’ve had two cases where I needed to find out how a 12V signal was behaving. Fortunately I realised that was above the maximum input voltage of the Logic 8 (+5V) or Logic Pro (10V) before I tried it.

    I could not find an off the shelf solution to my problem and I wanted something more robust and accurate than a pair of wire resistors soldered together. This led to the development of this product as I was sure there will be other people looking to do the same thing.

    It is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.co.uk/10-Attenuator-Compatible-Saleae-Probes/dp/B08DN2TYT8/ref=sr_1_1.

    The attenuator plugs in between the Logic device and the probes and is shaped to allow multiple ones to be used together. It provides attenuation with Low Frequency compensation on 4 channels.