• Completed Projects

  • These projects have all been completed in the last year on an on-demand basis to meet the customer’s schedule. The workload varying from 1 to 5 days a week depending upon the project needs at that time.
    – Provided Bluetooth system expertise to enable a customer to develop a Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensor network. The client focused on the integration of the sensors in each sensor node and the analysis of the data in the cloud. I provided a Linux based gateway solution and GATT based Bluetooth Low Energy implementation to get this sensor data to the cloud.
    – Developed a Yocto build based minimal filesystem including encrypted filesystem for IP protection. This enabled client to focus on their core IP.
    – Research project into the impact of Virtualisation or Containerisation on the performance of Real-Time Linux on multicore ARM processors (2 x A15 and 4 x A53). The Real Time performance was measured in terms of standard timer latency using cyclictest and a customised variant to measure Inter-Processor Communication to other Cortex-A cores and the integrated Cortex-R cores.
    – Developed an optimised clean-room implementation to transcode an H.264 stream into a fragmented H.264 stream.